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Company Profile

Prevendel Business Solutions, Inc.

Prevendel has been providing clients with scalable executive solutions since 1994. Its Team of highly experienced executives are professional, accredited (where required) and flexible to fulfill senior level positions on a project or interim basis.

When CEO’s and Entrepreneurs ask…

Q: I’m an entrepreneur, but I don’t do the day-to-day numbers!
Solution: For Bookkeeping needs – contact Prevendel

Q: I wish we could afford and benefit from an experienced Vice President in every department but there is only so much money in the budget…
Solution: Part Time or on-call Executive needs – contact Prevendel

Q: We have talented executives, but we cannot take them out of their day job to manage a priority project…
Solution: Project Management needs – contact Prevendel

Q: We have a great Controller, however, we need someone who can position and promote us to stakeholders.
Solution: Business Planning and Valuation – contact Prevendel

Q: We just lost a key team member, and it could take months to find a replacement, who can pinch hit in the meantime?
Solution: Interim or contract Executive and Management Services – contact Prevendel

Q: We are in need of a fresh, brilliant perspective…
Solution: Strategic Planning and Experiential Marketing services – contact Prevendel

Q: I want to buy another company or retire; where do I start?
Solution: Valuation and Negotiation Services – contact Prevendel