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Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping?


  • Do all your tax reports seem to have late penalties attached to them?
  • Are people always calling to get paid?
  • Have you ever paid a bill twice?
  • Are you certain that you have invoiced and received all payments?
  • Do you trust the information in your reports and financial statements?
  • Is your bookkeeping taking too long?
  • Is your bookkeeping taking you away from growing your business?
  • Must you provide your Bookkeeper access to your computer/office?
  • Are all of your bank and credit card statements reconciled every month?
  • Is your inventory ever right?
  • Does your year-end trial balance match your Tax Accountant’s trial balance?
  • Does your A/P and A/R Subsidiary Ledgers match their Control Accounts on your Trial Balance and Financial Statements?  Do you understand this question?
  • Is your Tax Accountant the one trying to get your books up to date and seems to cringe every time you call or drop in?
  • Who do you call when you have an administration or operation question? How much does that cost? How much does it cost your business when you don’t make that call?
  • Do you have anyone who can step in and take over your accounting immediately if your current bookkeeper were to be hit by a lottery or run over by a beer truck?

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